Monday, October 5, 2009

Hks suction kit and magaraizin is up & running in my ride!!!

Ok here the update of my HKS suction kit that i had post earlier. Both items was fit up into the car and i can say is "WOW" the car is lighter and pick up is faster than before. The funny thing is that usually ppl change suction kit, the engine should be revving very loud due to the metal part of the pipe and more air go though but in my case is not that loud anymore....... from what i know the pivot magariazin will help less out the engine noise but i never know it really less out more than i think it will... Anyway is ok due to i also dont like the engine to loud coz will affect me from listening to my music....

OK here are some pictures on the process and the finishing work muahaha enjoy!!!


  1. Time for HKS supercharged *haha*

  2. haha wah supercharged mean my pocket also need to supercharge 1st bro...... No la i like it N/A 1st coz is good enough already... why i change the suction kit is bcoz at 1st my car i feel the pickup is heavy so after research it from my fren, found out if change the air filter will have better pickup and power.... so i change it and also add pivot magaraizin to less the engine noise and it works hehe....