Friday, February 18, 2011

350z FOR SALE!!!

Hello guys, sorry for long time never update my blog........been bz with work and also haha yea bit lazy to blog >.<" Anyway thinking of upgrade my ride (still not sure what to upgrade yet) so have to let go my current ride......... Really sad to let it go but what to do, cant have both since this car is not for daily ride. As what ppl always said "Old one dont go, and new one will not come"

Anyone that interested do let me know, or just drop me an email will do. Bout the detail of the car and price will email to you.


  1. *haha* is time to move from NA to Turbo. XD. No more Z's blog again *SAD*.

  2. Yea is kind of sad but still waiting for buyer, at the mean time still can enjoy and take care of the Z....Hope the Z will find a better owner that can really let it shine and preform better.