Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Wow been long time no post at blog already........ part or it is bz also lazy i guess hehe, well also not much to post lately. Anyway one fine night, come along a Godzilla to my house!!! A R35 GTR drop by my place, i would said is damn nice car to have........ went out for a spin, the power is crazy compare to the Z.

Ok here some pictures i took but sorry for the blur due to bad lighting and rushing time.(you know cant wait to try out Godzilla)

So why wait??? Get one now and you will not regret it!!! hehe.


  1. hey Bro,your want is it*haha*? Soon you will be poisoned deeply with the Godzilla V6 twin-turbo:)

  2. Haha thinking bro..... will try go ask bank borrow me money lol......

  3. this has been my fav among all cars, i hope i'll be able to afford it in the future

    *fingers crossed* :D