Monday, July 27, 2009

1st GTR aka R35 in Labuan!!!

Ok as the topic said it all haha 1st!!! GTR in labuan......damn i hope i have one of that monster but is ok la happy with what i have now. Like old people always said "Dont have so big head, dont wear so big hat" as the monthly payment will kill me or the petrol also will give me nightmare haha. But ofcoz we can dream about it hehe. Anyway if i really can afford it, i will surely buy it coz is a damn nice car to have....

Lol sorry bout the 1st pic there, a bit blur due to my hand shake when taking the pic(maybe too excited haha).


  1. in kch got miri got 2 =_="

  2. Haha Ya KK got many already and i lost count lo but labuan for sure only one now!!!