Monday, July 20, 2009

More upgrade again and this time is sticker time....LOL

Finally after searching the net up and down, i had made up my mind to try on the Mine's sticker that my fren design for me. Since my ride are white in color so ok let become Mine's tune 350Z haha. Sticker is the best way to go for coz incase you feel boring of it!!! You can tear it off and back to the good old clean looks haha just like magic.

Call up my fren and he start designing and printing the sticker(ofcoz need to pay him some money for the sticker coz is not cheap for him to get the sticker also) but i am happy with his work, very well done my fren!!! Now you can see the finishing work of my Mine's Tune 350Z muahaha(under the bonnet ofcoz still stock boss hehe no money to get superchanger yet) anyway here are the pictures for you guys to enjoy!!!

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