Sunday, August 2, 2009

Planning of taking off my Fairlady emblem.......

Been meeting with some of my Z frens this afternoon TT, one of them did talk bout the topic of the fairlady emblem. His emblem almost get stolen when he park at coffee shop area having his lunch. Well we know alot of ppl just like to disturb or steal stuff from our car these days. So i was worry coz is not easy to find the emblem and the letter Z is so special design. So i decided to move it into the car haha since inside the car look empty for me. But by moving the emblem away will make the original emblem place look empty........ so i call up my sticker fren again muahaha(always call him when i need his help.... so bad right?)and ask him any idea or design to replace the empty space.

Here are some design stickers he show me:

Not bad the design he send me, and i like the 1st design and thinking to confirm him soon. But after i search the internet, i found out that sticker dont have the pop out feel like the original fairlady emblem....... so i decided to go down to some car accessories shop for emblem shopping and finally i found the nismo emblem haha well is cheap one so no need to worry bout ppl stealing it. From the look of it, i think is better than sticker.

Here is the picture of the emblem(which i already bought it :p):

Will post it up once my ride come out from the workshop....... Hope tomorrow will be done coz due to many cars waiting to be spray. But yesterday i already saw my ride inside the spraying room hehe so i think should be ready soon(finger cross).

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