Saturday, August 29, 2009

TT and Meeting on Friday night.......28/08/09

LA Motorsport Club was having some meeting and TT on yesterday which is friday night to talk bout some club stuff and at the mean time "Showing of their rides" hehe. Not much ppl turn up due to holiday soon(31st aug) so many ppl was not around and also some of them having basketball competition going on.8 cars turn up which are: Skyline R34 GTT, 2 Fairlady 350Z, 2 Civic Type-R, Skyline G35, Evo 9, and Lexus IS350.

Here are some pictures i took but sorry for the quality guys........ coz i forgot to bring my DSLR so using my crap handphone camera. *Ps: One of the civic is Matt black color haha and so damn cool.

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