Sunday, February 14, 2010

1ST day of chinese new year..........

Happy chinese new year everybody!!!!!!!! Also happy valentine day too......... but for me, not really good day..... coz i lost my car CF eyelids...... sad driving on high speed, and one of the eyelids fly off from my car......... try to go back to find it but can not be found.....(maybe fly to sky already lol) anyway is still the 1st day of new i think i will just forget it and stay happy.....Once again HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO ALL MY BLOGGER READERS!!!


  1. Happy chinese New year, sorry abit late here. Don't drive so fast, bro *haha* after Chinese New year, got ang pao then buy new want lah XD. By the way 1 post only? upload more please:)

  2. LOL nah maybe will just smoke the head lamp hehe....... Since what lost is lost and new year already better change looks lo.

    As was bit bz to do my blog recently, will try my best to post more pictures.