Friday, February 26, 2010

OK this is what happen when you driving alone will be lol!!!

Yo long time no blog since i was bz working and yea my Z is pretty much sleeping at home and never been drive around. Well i did drive it while i was back for holiday for CNY time. Still feel good and i can say 2JZ and VQ35DE is really different feeling when you drive it hehe(evil smile). Both are good engine to have man pls do try it if you have the chance.

Anyway back to the blog topic, just a boring day and driving alone and guess what i did? lol speeding as always(pls do not try this my fren as it is dangerous and i will not do it again >.<) some more is not a sport car or lower car. Any mistake will mean overturn the whole car.(come to think of it is scary)

Here a few pictures i take and yes is dangerous lol(not going to do it again). Anyway pls drive safe everybody.

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